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Netflix chief financial officer resigns
13 August 2018 | tvtonight.com.au
Netflix drops bonkers trailer for new series
CBS Is Launching A Netflix Competitor In Australia
7 August 2018 | Lifehacker Australia
Netflix drops bonkers trailer for Maniac
7 August 2018 | Couriermail
What To Watch On Netflix This Week (August 5)
6 August 2018 | Lifehacker Australia
8 new Shondaland titles for Netflix
22 July 2018 | tvtonight.com.au
 1 - 47 

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Reality of Dream
Five friends from college chase their post-grad dreams of becoming a successful writer, film director, singer, rich wife and out-and-proud hair stylist.
My True Friend
A bullied student forms a bond with the leader of a youth gang and discovers the power and meaning of true friendship.
The Holy Man
Formerly a troubled youth, a monk is given charge of a Buddhist temple neglected by superstitious villagers under the spell of a fake psychic.
Shejari Shejari
After leaving her husband, a woman is informed by her lawyer that she can only claim her inheritance from her grandfather if she is happily married.
Seeking a greater justice, a band of homeless assassins flays their human targets and delivers the tattooed skins as proof of a contract fulfilled.
Fighting Beat
When profit-seekers threaten to take over a bar in a tourist town, local martial artists put their skills to the test and fight back.