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Netflix’s surprise blockbuster The Cloverfield Paradox is a dud

THE fact of Netflix‘s release strategy for The Cloverfield Paradox is something we’ll be batting around for a while. Was it a successful siege on the Super Bowl attention economy? Will premiering a new movie on streaming the night of the Super Bowl ...
Date: 5 February 2018 21:41  |  Read more on News.com.au

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Emma' (Mother)
In 1950s Makassar, the life of a devoted mother is upended when another woman enters her husband's life.
When his wife goes missing, university professor Saurabh remains at home while the police investigate, but his grip on reality loosens as days pass.
Love Cells
Unemployed and alone, Dae Choong gets magical aid from a cat named Nebi who takes human form and schools him in the do's and don'ts of romantic love.
Ordinary Heroes
Get an intimate look at four engaged citizens whose courage, sense of civic duty and ultimate sacrifice helped to transform Italian society.
Surat Dari Praha
Hoping to fulfill her deceased mother's final wish, a young woman travels to Prague to deliver an old letter to a mysterious man.