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The Ultimate Guide To Penny Pinching

Documentaries, 2011, 46 minutes
The Ultimate Guide To Penny Pinching
This documentary follows several quirky skinflints on extreme quests to save as much money as possible on everything from food to their own weddings.
The documentaries The Ultimate Guide To Penny Pinching was released in 2011 and lasts 46 minutes. This documentaries is Quirky.

The Ultimate Guide To Penny Pinching on IMDB

Score: 5.1 of the 10

The Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching talks to several people who go to extreme length to save money. Judith uses coupons and vouchers to save money at the grocery store. Jonathan finds and cooks roadkill in order to save money on meat. Rebekah and Stephen plan an extremely thrifty wedding. Jalaj uses technology to maximize his savings.



Audio and subtitles

Audio: English
Subtitles: Dutch;English

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